How to get Free Zynga Poker Chips on Facebook

There are many people who are really addicted to Zynga poker games. The online adaptation of this game is similar to the original card version of the game. The amount of poker chips you have greatly influences the status of your game and the type of players you play with. If you have a shortage of chips, your next option is to purchase some from your Facebook account or win the chips from other players. Another way to get chips with your short of them is to obtain free Zynga poker chips. Most people wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak, and would gladly take free chips if they just knew how. Luckily there are a number of ways to gain free Zynga chips if you are patient enough to wait for you chance. Here are a few possible ways you can get free chips without much hassle.
Free Zynga poker chips
Free Zynga poker chips

Methods to get the Free chips

  • Use the application as much as you can, if possible daily. You can earn around 5K of chips daily.
  • Invite you friends and introduce them to the game. If you are successful in recommending friends, you will get more free daily chips.
  • Complete as many achievements as possible as this will help you to gain bonus chips. Sometimes they might be simple and other times complex. You will earn chips for each achievement.

  • Click the lucky bonus button daily when you enter the site. If luck is on your side, you can earn handsome amounts of chips without any effort.
  • Collections will also help in attaining free chips. If you get a series of them either by yourself or from your friends, you can get free Zynga poker chips.
  • Follow Zynga Poker on social networking sites. There are often chances for you to earn free Zynga poker chips if you like their posts or links.
  • There is NO software that will help you to attain poker chips for free. This pseudo software to get you free Zynga poker chips will only get your account compromised or hacked, never download this software.
Facebook Poker Chips
Facebook Poker Chips


These are all simple methods that will help you to gain poker chips in Facebook without a lot of effort. You can easily follow them. Along with these, try to play properly and learn more about Zynga poker in order to not lose your chips better. This is all a game of luck and skill, take chances and wait for it to win your fortune. It is also very important to know that trouble from hackers and various scams are becoming a great threat to players.
They are mostly targeting accounts with a high amount of chips. Make sure you don’t fall into trouble this way by being vigilant with your online activity. Even a small mistake can become a huge headache in future. It is also common that when you earn some poker chips, you will be earning more in the future by getting better your game play. So always be smart and stay safe. Playing poker games is real fun, so enjoy it as much as you can while still being careful.

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